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Tiny Homes/Cabins​

Bluegrass Meadows Micro Village was created in 2015 as a solution to a lack of affordable and alternative housing in Terrace. People were in search of home rental options and attainable home ownership. From this feedback, we began the journey of creating Canada’s first tiny house community on 120 acres of wild land skirted by the stunning Kalum River beneath the mighty Skeena Mountains and glaciers. By the fall of 2015 our first tenants moved into the village. Each year we add more cabins and amenities. Why the name Bluegrass Meadows? Our property is a blend of forest and meadows and the property used to be the festival grounds for an annual Bluegrass Festival hosted by the previous owner Harley Poague. We thought it would be fitting to pay homage to this part of the land’s eclectic history. 

About The Village

Bluegrass Meadows Micro Village is a progressive community of people, animals, tiny homes, cabins and gardens located 15 minutes north of Terrace, BC on the beautiful Kalum River. 

We thrive on 120 private acres surrounded by forests, lakes and mountains. We feel privileged to be living, playing and cultivating community on the ancestral territory of the Tsimshian First Nations. 

We currently have over 40 cabins and tiny homes at Bluegrass Meadows all occupied by wonderful people and pets and feel grateful to have a diverse group of tenants who share their unique gifts and skills with the community. We are continually expanding and are currently building 15 more cabins that will be available for long term rentals. We also have 5 fully furnished and equipped cabins available for short term rentals.

In addition, we rent beautiful pads for tiny homes. We welcome you to bring your tiny home or we would love to build one.  We have tiny homes available to move into immediately or we can custom build a tiny home for you. 

Monthly pad fees or cabin rentals include all utilities, Wi-Fi, use of the laundry facilities and fitness center,  snow removal and access to garden beds. We also have a recycling, compost and waste program. 

We continue to build hiking trails throughout the village and in the surrounding forest and it is a short walk from Bluegrass Meadows to a beautiful swimming lake and the Kalum River. 

Benefits of Tiny Living

Cost Effective

Tiny homes have lower upfront costs compared to traditional houses, and they require less money to maintain and operate.​

Reduced Energy Consumption

Tiny homes require less energy to heat and cool due to their smaller size.

Minimalist Lifestyle

With limited space, residents are motivated to declutter and focus on the essentials

Strong Sense of Community

Tiny home dwellers often connect with others who share similar values, creating a supportive and close-knit network.


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